Monday, March 7, 2016

Because maybe.. You're gonna be the one to save me....

One stipulation on my getting an embroidery machine was that I try to make money off of the things that I make.
My Brother PE770 with my Brother 6000i

What do you do when you feel that you're never going to have enough things made to start even selling?

I have many ideas, as far as what things I would like to make. However, they probably will not be anything that would be worth trying to sell. I have no idea what people will and will not like. I don't want to just blend in with the crowd of people making the same things, either.

I've been making finger puppets of fairy tales, but I'm not honestly sure if that's something any kids would actually enjoy playing with. Using my own kids as examples probably wouldn't be a great idea, since they're odd, as far as some kids go. Penny's still little so it's hard to honestly gauge what she enjoys.

Ana is, yes, a girl, but she doesn't like typical girl things. She doesn't like Frozen, could care less about Shopkins, Barbies, and princess stuff. She doesn't like minions... I'm not sure she likes any super heroes of any type, either. She likes dragons.. She likes dinosaurs, kind of. She likes Pokemon, so that's one thing..

What in the world do I make that kids would enjoy!? Sheesh... You'd think having them around all the time, I'd know...

If anybody actually reads this, what would be some thing, or things, YOU would buy from a sewer/embroiderer?